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Aeon-n's News

Posted by Aeon-n - 10 days ago

⑨/⑨/㉑ baby!

huh? i've been gone for most of a year? cmon, i've got like 30 followers, don't tell me you're actually reading this

and i also didn't even post a cirno in the cirno day art? you can't let yourself be trapped by common sense, don'tcha know.

but fine, fine, i spare a pittance for thee.


i post more things? hmm yes

i post a game? game developer post game? well aren't you getting greedy

well, there is the one i talked about in the art upload (it's from april)


oh you know what i bet i could actually upload this in newgrounds if it was in mv instead of vx ace

but it's not and ruby (which i use a substantial amount of) != javascript so it would not be a clean transition

anyway, i'm outta here

- aeon



Posted by Aeon-n - November 24th, 2020

game done LOL

took me a bit longer than expected because i continued to add more things and eventually doubled and then some the scope of the already overscoped game. and in the end it's still a pretty tiny thing.

it's pretty difficult, but if you're good at stepmania, it's worth a try.

still has copyrighted music, of course, so no uploading here. also, everybody already played friday night funkin' here recently oops

so if you are interested in checking out Fonts 5 - Evanescence, it is personified! As that inferno fluxuates, so does the penultimate of the heptads, the one commanding the iconoclastic apparitions! At world end, rock and heaven, soul and sea, fade, yet it does not matter. For that melody had long since saved all. It has already reached [AMORTALITY],

check one of these out instead:



and i'll probably make something uploadhereable eventually. until then, hasta la vista

- aeon


Posted by Aeon-n - September 9th, 2020


this time, cirno is in a lil spacesuit. hopefully nothing bad happens, as long as she knows how to complete the tasks.

remember how i said i was going to make a game in like [incorrect amount of time]? yeah well it's just about done but you press the upload game button on newgrounds and it says it doesn't like copyrighted music. also i have not tested it in html once. oops

it'll be playable, just not through here. i might make something else fast for browser though

bye bye

- aeon


Posted by Aeon-n - June 1st, 2020

you know, like june?

after my last upload, i got an invitation to the art portal. thanks, user yabloko-blackbyrd.

and now? yukari yakumo appears once more.

i fixed that bug in the game, but i'm having doubts as to if it will like being in html5 very much. well, it'll be on itch.io. and android, if anyone wants to suffer through mobile rhythm games. (you don't)



Posted by Aeon-n - May 15th, 2020

05/14/2020... is today.

got it right this time. ms. komeiji isn't really so somber as what i uploaded, but i was running out of time. so, simple colours on black canvas.

i hate her stage, but once you get past that it's cool danmaku.

last month i said i would upload a game, and it's just about done. unfortunately, a very tiny but terrible bug has come up and i haven't gotten to fixing it yet. well, it'll be out eventually.

catcha on the flop side, amigos


- aeon


Posted by Aeon-n - April 12th, 2020

the birthday

radical and awesome, posted image as well. it's part of a bigger thing, though i haven't finished it all yet.

that's alright though since game is still on the way. release? ten days? maybe

it will be pog champion and potentially be in copyright violation, but like every rhythm game does that



- aeon

Posted by Aeon-n - April 1st, 2020

oh four slash oh one slash twenty, baby

unfortunately, i ran out of schemes far before getting here. and one day? even more

got a game releasing sometime this month, hopefully. as long as gms continues to like html5, it'll be on newgrounds, too.

sore made, sayonara



Posted by Aeon-n - March 10th, 2020

03/09/2020... was yesterday.

at least i got the miku uploaded on time (at least, in pst)

going to see ms. vocaloid in real in april broh. hell yeah


- aeon


Posted by Aeon-n - December 31st, 2019

december time

snow and long break and aeon uploads two whole images broh...



- aeon

Posted by Aeon-n - September 10th, 2019


i uploaded a lil' sketch of miss cirno. that's just about it.

just 80 more years until the true cirno day, when she leaves gensokyo and solves global warming. i can't wait.

- aeon