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listen man usually you got some good points in your stuff but you can't complain about the story and themes just because its a video game or just because of its genre. if you didn't care about what it was saying then just ignore it and take the gameplay or play something else. you're right that not all things need to or do have that kind of thing, but don't be a dick to the ones that do

tl;dr: i know celeste is kinda hard but you don't have to get so mad

absolutely inspiring

Bowser: "Even the most steadfast of heroes will fold when there's a hostage involved."

this is awesome.
much better than the original.
im so happy ;D

ultra hype for yoshis island and world -1 episodes

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it took 510,000 damage for me to turn that hedgehog as black and blue as his palette

i have cleared all the levels
it was slightly agonizing. please do check on the hitboxes but more importantly the origin of the character. when you turn left or right it shifts their whole body a significant amount and usually shoves them into one of the spike-like things (this is especially visible in the water stage)
you can't control the height of the jump, and you move way too slowly for what you've gotta cover
it's difficult, but it's not because the stages are well-made. there aren't even any moving elements in any of the current ones
music is neat tho

8BitAnt responds:

awesome man

pretty cool, im also making rhythm game so here are some things i noted:

- notespeed is static based on difficulty, and they are pretty decent notespeeds but i would like to be able to crank it up a bit
- on many keyboards, numpad 0 is adjacent to the arrow keys so accidental mutes can happen esp. if im styling with single finger
- speaking of single finger a 4k mode would be rad
- art is pretty rad
- freezes have some clipping problems and it doesn't seem like there is any reason to finish holding them, or at least i didnt notice my hp decreasing from not doing so
- noteskin is neat but lanes being different colours instead of the colours being based on their timing makes things a bit of a pain the more difficult it gets. right now the game doesnt get tough enough that its a problem but if youre plannin on upping the difficulty cap might be something to look into
- kinda lame doin nothing while the other guy does the same stuff im about to do on autoplay. can't even mimic him because you lose hp for pressing when nothing is there

thats all seeya

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this is your greatest work

this froze my computer for three minutes when i clicked on it
please make smaller images

0DearKruno responds:


i tested this with 3d glasses as instructed and it did not work i am very sorry
do look at how 3d glasses work with depth of field and i wish you best of luck

an aeturnum unmatched

dancegame meister


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